Revolucion Coffee + Juice

Love Detox

This 3 day Cold-Pressed juice detox is formatted to boost your mood, level out your emotions and allow your body to detox.

Self-care is a great way of boosting and honoring the relationship with your mind and body. Fruits, vegetables and especially, leafy greens will help boost your mood, keep your emotions in check and ultimately help heal your body.

The fastest, and easiest way to fuel your body with fruits and vegetables is by juicing. By juicing, you are getting all the nutrients and minerals into your bloodstream. A juice detox gives your body a break from digesting food allowing it to focus on healing and detoxing.

DAY 1 - Mean Green, The Cure, Strawberry Milk, Easy Green, Spicy Tonic, and Serenity

DAY 2 - Mean Green, Bright Eyes, Active, Blue Milk, Spicy Tonic, and Sunrise.

DAY 3 - Mean Green, Vitality, Cacao Maca Milk, Spicy Tonic, Green Bloody Mary, and Black Gold.


3 Day Love Detox available until April 15!