Juice Feast Tips from Lizzy !

Since I have a few clients and friends of Reinvent Yourself on a Revolucion Juice Feast Detox this week, I thought it would be a good time to post some tipperoos on how to handle it and make it super easy!!   

Having completed many juice cleanses in my life I have been through it all so these are just a few things that can help your own detox go as fabulous as you want it to...

Talk It Out: First and foremost, make sure that your family members, friends and coworkers know that you will be detoxing on nothing but fresh pressed juice. (And that it’s really good for you so they don’t give you hairy caterpillar eyes!!) Ask them to be supportive of your decision and of you only drinking juice for the duration of the cleanse and to not entice you with food or other things to derail your detox mission. It can go sideways really quickly on you if the positive energy isn’t there from the most important people in your life!

Buddy Up: One of the things I learned early on that really helped me during a juice feast was to buddy up with others who are doing one at the same time. That way you have a support network of people who can relate and go do non food related things with you too!

Pamper It: I always try to pamper myself when I'm detoxing so shoot for some luxurious bubble baths paired with a good book, a massage, or go get a mani/pedi/facial to gorgeous up that outside while the inside is also being beautified. Doing things that make you feel good on the outside while you cleanse on the inside only furthers the awesome rejuvenation process! 

Om Out: I meditate a lot during a fast and you can load a 15 or 30 minute guided meditation vid on your iPhone, iPad, or Laptop or whatever device you use for media, grab a pillow, yoga mat and a throw, find a quiet comfy place, roll your mat out, lay yourself out, cover yourself with said throw, pop some ear buds in, hit play on the vid or app, chill out, breathe in through your nose 3 times and breathe out through your mouth 3 times over and over and just zen out for the duration. Then, wake up and be awesome.   

Art It Up: I love to paint during a detox and by grabbing a canvas plus paints and brushes at your local hobby shop you can create something relatively inexpensive in a way to keep your brain entertained. Creativity levels often peak during a detox so by expressing any form of art or by having a journal handy to write about your goals, experiences, stories, poetry, songs and anything else you like is also a wonderful way to nourish yourself. If you play an instrument, a detox is an awesome time to get into it or even learn how to play an instrument. Music, art and being creative in general can do a mind, body and soul absolute wonders! 

Pin It To Win It: Get on Pinterest. Pin things. Do projects. Repeat. You are set for the duration of the detox. Seriously. (Warning: Pinterest is highly addictive so let someone know when you are going in.) 

Exercise It Out: Break a sweat. Every. Single. Day. While on a detox definitely pay attention to how you feel and the way your body responds to exercise. If you need to rest then by all means but by going for a walk, a run, roller-skating, hula hooping, riding your bike, breaking out for a hike, playing frisbee golf, taking a yoga class, shaking your stuff at Zumba, or whatever else you are into it will really help your body to get those toxins out of your system and boost everything else in the process. Handle it. 

Watch It: A few great documentaries to watch for motivation are Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Forks Over Knives. Hungry For Change. Veducated. You can check them out on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc.  

Interweb It: Hop online and read testimonials or stories of people who have changed their lives by cleaning up their lifestyle and diet. Read about juicing, cleansing, and fasting. Check out success stories on the above listed documentaries or look into specific issues you may be having and how to naturally solve them through a plant strong diet. Educate yourselves and become your own advocates for health. It will be the best thing you’ve ever done. Blonde Promise.  

Then go outside, sit in the sunshine, admire nature, feel free, feel healthy and feel alive.  Happy Detoxing !!!



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