Revolucion Cold Brewed Coffee

We’ve perfected our classic cold brew coffee - it's velvety smooth with sweet cocoa tones. There’s not a trace of bitterness. Our classic recipe is made with filtered water and coffee from Indonesia, Central/South America and Africa. 

 $3.50 per bottle

$3.50 per bottle

Our classic cold brew tastes delicious on it’s own or in one of our cold brew lattes which consists of cold brew coffee combined with organic dairy and non-dairy options. For those with a sweet tooth, try the cold brew latte with organic coconut palm sugar. 

We’ve bottled our cold brew in dark amber long neck bottles for several reasons. The glass and dark color keeps the coffee insulated and reduces light exposure. The second reason is that the shape of the long neck, allows the coffee to swaddle the mouth from the front of the palate to the throat, which maximizes its sweetness.

We cold brew our cold coffee because it retains more of the valuable antioxidants inherent in the coffee bean. It also reduces the acid content by as much as 69%. The lower acid content is helpful for people who like to drink a lot of coffee throughout the day or those that have stomach and digestive issues. 

Periodically we’ll introduce brighter varietal cold brew coffee recipes with more complexity including floral and berry undertones. These varietals will only be available for limited times while each coffee origin is in season. Our classic version will be available all year long.