Spider Bite Cocktail Using Revolucion's Spicy Ginger Cayenne Cold Pressed Juice

Commercial cocktail mixers contain chemicals, preservatives and refined sugars. Making your own mixers with healthy fresh ingredients is a great way to indulge in alcohol with less guilt.  

Not only great for Halloween themed parties, this spicy tonic will   help warm you up on chilly nights during the upcoming holidays. Raw organic agave helps stabilize blood sugar and prevent a sharp drop that comes from eating large amounts of holiday carbs, which in turn prevents mid-morning snacking. Cayenne has pain-reducing effects, cardiovascular benefits, helps prevent ulcers and effectively opens and drains congested nasal passages. Lime juice contains Vitamin C which helps build a strong immune system to protect from illness with conditions like colds, flus, and recurrent ear infections. Ginger helps the body absorb nutrients and soothes the stomach.

Key Benefits:
Anti-Inflammatory + Boosts Metabolism + Reduces Fat Accumulation + Pain Blocker + Builds Immunity


  • 3.5 Tablespoons Ginger Juice ( We use fresh cold pressed ginger juice but finely grated ginger is an easy substitute) 
  • 15 oz Sparkling Water
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Ground Cayenne
  • 3 Tablespoons Raw Organic Agave
  • 3 Tablesspoons Fresh Lime Juice
  • 1 oz Vodka

Mix in a martini shaker with ice.  Makes 2-3 cocktails.   If you don't have time to make create this yourself, you can come pick up some of our Spicy Ginger Cayenne Tonics (minus the liquor) at our Broadway Store:

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