Revolucion Holiday Detox

The Holiday Season is upon us !

It's a time of joy and unfortunately a time of stress.  The Holidays often bring unwelcome stress & depression. It's no wonder the Holidays present a dizzying array of demands, irregular routines, parties, shopping, baking, cleaning and more !

Stress and unhealthy eating can weaken your immune system. A detox is a quick and effective way to take a time out for yourself and reboot. You don't have to think about cooking or grocery shopping and you can pamper yourself with good health and serenity.

Holidays are the time of year when it feels impossible to escape from seasonal sweets and fatty treats. If you are looking for a simple way to help offset the overindulgence, we have the perfect detox for you.

Follow this simple 3 day cold pressed juice plan during the Holidays to help de-stress, reboot your immune system, and prevent Holiday weight gain.


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