Revolucion Social Detox now available in Alamo Heights & Southtown

The Revolucion Social Detox is aimed at providing a support eco system for people interested in participating in a 1, 3 or 5 day juice detox.

Our Social Detox event is now available in Alamo Heights on the 2nd Saturday for the month and in Southtown every 3rd Saturday of the month.  During this event, we will give you a chance to sample all of our juices and nut milks along with discussing the following topics:


  1. what is a social detox
  2. benefits of a detox
  3. why cold pressed juice
  4. how to prepare for a detox
  5. tips for success during a detox
  6. best way to resume eating after a detox

The goal of this event is to schedule groups to participate in a detox at the same time to help support each other before, during and after the detox. During these coordinated social detoxes the Revolucion staff will be available to help support your efforts and we will also have previous detox participants share their advice and experience with the group via social media.

The participants will be able to share their feedback, motivation and experience during the detox via the #SocialDetoxSA hashtag.

We only have a limited # of spots available to participate so please tell your friends and RSVP by clicking HERE

I am currently on my third La Vida cleanse with Revolucion and I would highly recommend that you try it. At the completion of a cleanse I feel a renewed sense of daily energy, mental clarity and self accomplishment. During a cleanse you are providing your body with the best natural ingredients in their most simple pure form which allows maximum absorption into your body. The effects of this are indescribable. I would urge anyone contemplating a cleanse to dedicate themselves to the undertaking and experience the improved quality of life which will be uncovered through the process. Good luck and enjoy!
— Lisa R.
I was fairly new to juicing and had never done a cleanse before, but after the holidays and all the over indulgent meals I decided to give it a try and went with the La Vida cleanse. Honestly, I was a little terrified to do this cleanse...I mean no chewing for 3 days?! What?! But by the first day I was hooked! I drank a juice about every 2 hours and really tried to stretch each juice out. The afternoon Spicy Lime Ginger Tonic was so refreshing and that little bit of bite from the cayenne and ginger were great to curb my appetite. Then, my last juice of the day was always a cashew milk (which I cannot stop craving since the cleanse!) that was so filling and delicious! Throughout the cleanse I kept a pitcher of filtered water with fresh cucumber, lemon, lime, and orange slices in the fridge just to have something to sip on between juices. With all the delicious juices and my water on constant flow I can honestly say I was never just ‘starving’ during the cleanse. After the cleanse was over I felt great! I felt like I was less bloated, had more energy, less digestive problems, and I even feel like it helped with my rosacea. I would recommend a cleanse to anyone of my friends and I’m actually looking forward to my next one!
— Emily W.