Why Detox ?


As we live, eat and breathe we accumulate toxins in the body. It is important to take time to release ourselves of these toxins as they lead to problems with the body and mind. We spend an enormous amount of energy on the constant strain of digestion. When we stop eating solid food our organs are no longer tied up and all the blood and energy is free to move to the brain, liver, skin, etc… We are able to attend to neglected issues our body hasn’t had time to properly attend to, we remove toxins, and are given a rest. All while doing so you are flooding your body with over 20 pounds of raw fresh produce each day (with our cold pressed juices).


As San Antonio’s 1st raw and cold pressed juice bar,we take pride in the extra time and work required pressing all our vegetables and fruits daily on our Norwalk hydraulic press. In comparison to other juices, our cold pressed juices contain 3-4 times more nutrients and also include live enzymes which are vital for the body to function optimally. Each of our 16oz bottles of juice contains over 3-5 pounds of produce. Because they are cold pressed, our juices stay crisp and fresh for 3-5 days after being juiced. Our cold pressed juice is made fresh daily.

revolucion cold pressed juice. made fresh daily.