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Revolucion Coffee + Juice

Balance Detox

This 3-day Cold-Pressed juice detox to help you restore balance.  The Balance Detox also includes a free Yoga in a Cup adaptogenic drink plus (1) a free acupuncture treatment from Integrative Wellness Clinic, (2) a free yoga class at Alamo City Yoga, (3) and a $10 gift card to Ann's Nails!

This is a $270 value for $149!

Buy now and schedule your detox any time before Dec. 31.  The detox is available for pick up or delivery. 

DAY 1 -Bright Eyes, Easy Green, The Cure, Spicy Tonic, Raw Almond Milk and Vitality

DAY 2 - Mean Green, Active, Blue Milk, Spicy Tonic, Glow, and Nourish

DAY 3 -The Cure, Alkaline Green, Cacao Maca Milk, Spicy Tonic, Serenity, and Black Gold



Balance Deto a 3-day juice detox in San Antonio