Revolucion Coffee

Guatemala Manos de Mujer

Guatemala Manos de Mujer comes from the ACODIHUE cooperative in the mountainous territory of Cuchumatan, Huehuetenango. The cooperative was founded in 1996 after the conclusion of several development projects in the area by the European Union that grouped farmers together into associations. This coffee is produced entirely by women members of ACODIHUE's network of women growers, which is referred to locally as Awal Nan (Siembra de Mujer) in their native Mam language. Only 22% of ACODIHUE's annual production goes under the designation of Café con Manos de Mujer, which represents a refined selection of the cooperative's coffee.

Notes: Bittersweet Chocolate, Black Cherry, Melon
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1400-1600 MASL

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