Revolucion Coffee + Juice

El Toro 3 Day Detox

This is a 3 day cleanse focused on rebooting your system to help flood your body with live nutrients and enzymes as you naturally detox.

El Toro is our most intense and lowest calorie detox.  Recommended for experienced cleansers and green juice lovers.

Includes 6 fruit, vegetable and nut juices each day:

    + (1)    Your choice daily nut milk
    + (1)    Spicy Lime & Ginger Tonic 
    + (3)    Mean Greens 
    + (1)    Personally Selected Juice

During this cleanse, you will be consuming approximately 20 pounds of produce each day. The main difference between the juice cleanses are how many green juices are consumed each day. If you are new to juicing start off with the La Vida Cleanse and then graduate to El Toro Cleanse. 

The different levels benefit in different ways for different purposes. For example, if you have a medical condition where you need to have limited sugar, you can choose El Toro which has more vegetables than fruit.