Revolucion Coffee + Juice

Summer Detox

This 3 day Cold-Pressed juice detox was created to reboot your system while flooding your body with live nutrients and enzymes as you naturally detox.  To accommodate summer fitness and activities, it's been formulated to:

Build Strength
Hydrate & Replenish
Boost Energy
Allow Your Mind & Body to Detox


DAY 1 -Bright Eyes, Mean Green, The Cure, Almond Milk, Spicy Tonic, and Vitality

DAY 2 - Mean Green, Active, Cacao Maca Milk, Spicy Tonic, Serenity, and Glow.

DAY 3 -The Cure, Mean Green, Easy Green, Spicy Tonic, Blue Milk, and Black Gold.

With the purchase of the Summer Detox you will also receive the following 3 free treats:

Free Acai Bowl
$10 gift card to the San Antonio Running Company
3 Free Juice Shots


All new Summer Detox is now available !