Don't worry. We are not asking you to give up social media... 

The Revolucion Social Detox is aimed at providing a support eco system for people interested in participating in a 1, 3 or 5 day juice detox.


Our next Social Detox event is scheduled for Saturday 09/12 from 11-12pm. During this event, we will give you a chance to sample all of our juices and nut milks along with discussing the following topics:


  1. what is a social detox
  2. benefits of a detox
  3. why cold pressed juice
  4. how to prepare for a detox
  5. tips for success during a detox
  6. best way to resume eating after a detox


The goal of this event is to schedule groups to participate in a detox at the same time to help support each other before, during and after the detox. During these coordinated social detoxes the Revolucion staff will be available to help support your efforts and we will also have previous detox participants share their advice and experience with the group via social media.

The participants will be able to share their feedback, motivation and experience during the detox via the #SocialDetoxSA hashtag.

Upon completion we will have special gifts for the participants.

We only have a limited # of spots available.  To participate please RSVP.